My Tuppenceworth on Rishi and Liz

By a great effort of will, I am trying to imagine what I would have made of Rishi and Liz if I had ever interviewed them for a job in teaching. Rishi, applying to be Head of Business Education, a job, at my school, held by a series of excellent teachers, which means we would have been looking for someone of a high calibre. However, that said, teachers of Business Education were always in very short supply and historically we just struck lucky. So I expect Rishi – affable if slightly smooth, cheerful and not unattractive,  nicely dressed and, of course, having the twin advantages of being a multi-millionaire and coming from an ethnic minority, would get the job. And thus, I suppose, it should be with his current job application. 

Over the piece, the applications were disappointing, with several of the candidates really lacking the qualifications necessary. Mr Tugendhat would have done fine with the CCF and Ms Mordaunt had a certain winning way with her but really…Head of Department? I don’t think so, not yet. I would appoint Ms Braverman, but only as an inpatient at an asylum. I think I would like Jeremy Hunt, but other voices would have told me not to trust him, and they might well have been right. I like the look of that Ms Badenoch, but she didn’t really seem to understand the liberal traditions of the school. And then there is Miss Truss.

You know these moments in film or TV where something really terrible happens and leaves you slack-jawed? There was a moment in Mare of Easttown, which I only caught up with recently [brilliant btw] which left me shouting at the television. In a similar vein, I cannot believe I have lived to see the day where someone like Liz Truss could be PRIME MINISTER. It’s like a comedy film where the well-meaning cleaning lady becomes the President of the USA except a) I don’t think she’s well-meaning and b) inevitably in that film (think of ‘Being There’) the cleaner would do the job really well, whereas Ms Truss will be a disaster, not I expect due to a lack of hard work or will, but simply because she so obviously just isn’t up to it. So many of us did not like Mrs Thatcher – stuck up, bossy, out of touch, profoundly English. I don’t believe that Mrs T (who if nothing else, was clever, and believed in what she said) would have had Liz Truss as her personal dresser, far less her Foreign Secretary. It feels like only yesterday that the world was saying that Theresa May couldn’t hack it. Ha! How decent and clever and honest she seems now, next to the shower of s***e that replaced her. 

Liz just seems so…vacant. I hesitate to use the word ‘stupid’ but there…I’ve used it. And yet, can she be that stupid? She’s got a degree in PPE from Oxford. Yes, okay, okay, remember I was heavily involved in school and university debating, so of course I know that there are plenty of people with that degree who live their life in the smoke and mirrors of clever chat. But she doesn’t even have the clever chat. I wonder indeed, if some clever Spad somewhere has suggested to her that appearing like an earnest, humourless, tight-lipped anxious woman of limited intellect might appeal to the old, white, male Tories who are the only people allowed to decide who our next Prime Minister will be. And of course, she might win because she’s suggesting…cutting taxes…oh right, yes, that’s what we need. They don’t do Economics at National 4, but if they did, the kids would all know that cutting taxes right now is not going to work.

Nicola (actually clever, actually principled, actually articulate, actually something resembling a national leader) must be praying for Liz Truss to win. She’s not even amusing like Boris; old ladies aren’t going to trust her because of her hair and bumbling ways. Rishi, well Rishi’s got plenty that the First Minister can get her teeth into, not least the lack of personal taxes paid by his family into errr…the Exchequer of which he’s Chancellor, but he seems to have a wee bit of intellectual gravitas. Ms Truss is the mother at Parents’ Night who just can’t get the subject choice columns and she’s going to be PM because some old guys (who, let’s be honest might just be a teeny bit racist anyway) think they need an extra £20 a month. It’s a scandal, an affront to real politicians, and it makes my teeth grind in a manner unsuitable for the age of my teeth. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.



  1. Enjoyed your wonderful dissection of the Tory candidates especially the Truss. My mother would of said of her”you can tell it all by the face”and she wasn’t referring to the looks good or bad.


  2. Well … I’ll not be applying for any sort of job in your department.
    Actually you might be correct about the Truss lady. I’ve no idea.
    As for the rest…. Having leadership qualities can scarcely be seen among relatively young unknowns…. Suck it and see.
    Rishi probably would stand the test of time. My guess.
    Yes I like Ms Sturgeon’s intellect but I’ve lived and worked all my long life in both sides of the Border. So I’ll stay a Unionist.


  3. Can’t argue with any of that. The winner who will be running a diverse country of 67 million people will be the one that appeals to about 80,000 very right wing people centred in south east england mainly elderly and who want a small state and lower taxes. Many of them don’t work so they won’t like any progressive taxation. This is a race to the bottom so truss is a shoe in. The fact that she’s not really got a plan won’t concern them. Maybe it’s a long term positive as surely even the thick people in northern and midland england will understand that the tories don’t care about them. What a way to run a country.


  4. I’m a new reader of this blog ….this entry made me gasp nod shake my head and laugh……you’ve nailed it! Thanks very enjoyable to read!


    1. Thank you Kristine. If you like my blog you might want to look at my recently published book ‘Is There A Pigeon in the Room’ which is about my time as a teacher. Cameron


      1. I have ordered from Waterstones, …I am a retired class teacher Cameron and looking forward to reading the book. and the title looks interesting Kristine


  5. Actually principled? Must have missed the stench around fitting up Alex Salmond for sex offences! For reporting accurately on this our former ambassador to Uzbekistan was found in contempt of court and served time in Saughton Jail.

    “As a result of this article, Alex Salmond, with whom I had only very slight prior acquaintance, invited me to meet him in the George Hotel in Edinburgh. Here, for the first time, he told me that Nicola Sturgeon had been behind the process designed to generate false accusations against him. He said as well as Mackinnon and Evans, Liz Lloyd was responsible for the actual orchestration.”

    One of the above risked safety and position to tell the public the truth. The other is a politician.

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